Inventors FAQs for Molded Plastic Products


1. Will you design the parts for me?

E & O does not design your parts for you; Contract Design Engineers are your best choice if you do not have in house design expertise. We can assist with resin choices, and help fine tune your design to reduce costs and improve molds. A part design, (CAD file) or blue print, is needed to accurately quote mold and part costs.

2. What are the typical injection mold costs?

Mold costs are generally $10,000 to $75,000 per mold, so economically annual production should be in the 5,000 to 7,000 parts.

3. What are the typical part costs?

Part costs vary by part size, number of cavities in the mold, and the annual volume produced. A typical range is $.03 to $1.50 ea.

4. What other plastic processes could be used to make my product?


Tooling Cost

Part Costs

Time to Production



None -Very Low 

Moderate to High

Days / Week

Machining and bonding limits design

Short Run Urethane



Days / Weeks

Limited resin properties. Small quantities

Vacuum Forming

Low -Moderate

Medium - High

1-4 Weeks

Some machining and bonding may be needed.

Pressure Forming



2-4 Weeks

Some machining and  bonding may be needed.


High – Very High

Very Low -Low

6-14 Weeks

Custom Colors & finished part.

5. Are you able to help me sell or distribute my product?

As we are a manufacturer of customer plastic parts, we are not involved with marketing activities for you. We can assist you with inventory management and shipping to your distributors.